Atrium partners with REIWAG Facility Services GmbH

Atrium Property Services has entered a strategic partnership with REIWAG Facility Services GmbH from Vienna, Austria. REIWAG has acquired a 64% stake in Atrium, which will unlock significant growth of our services and improve company’s capabilities in property-related services such as brokerage, facility management, cleaning services, and technical maintenance.


This partnership brings a wealth of benefits to Atrium’s clients. Atrium will have access to REIWAG’s training and knowledge center, allowing the company to expand its service offerings and provide an even more comprehensive range of property-related services. Additionally, REIWAG’s strategic cooperation with LIONSBOT, a leading manufacturer of cleaning robots, will enable Atrium to offer cutting-edge cleaning solutions to its clients.


REIWAG is an Austrian family-owned group of companies with an annual turnover of 88.8 million EUR, more than 3,000 employees, and subsidiaries in five countries. The company was founded in 1903 by the grandfather of the current owner and managing director, Viktor Wagner, and is today run by the third generation as a family business.


This partnership is an exciting opportunity for Atrium to continue to grow and improve our services. We look forward to working with REIWAG and achieving great success together.

Atrium Reiwag strategic partnership

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